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I am teaming up with several other Photographers, including Matthew from Matthew Thwing Photography at the Oddbox Teacher’s Association, hosted by Oddbox Studios in downtown Fredericksburg to bring to YOU personally designed classes to teach you how to take better photographs!   Matthew did a blog post as well, if you’d like to check out what he wrote too!  🙂
You can check out the website  and see all the different classes we’re offering, to see which one fits you best!  Whether you got a nice camera for Christmas and just want to take great photographs, or you’re wanting to take your Photography to the next level, these classes are for you!  🙂  And they’re affordable, too!  $79 for an 4 week class.  🙂  Classes are starting next week, so sign up now to get your spot!  You can sign up for a class here! securely online.  CLASSES START AS EARLY AS APRIL 15th!


Here are the classes being offered:

  • PHOTO 101: First Camera to Lasting Memories, being offered by Chris Henrikson.
  • Stand Out from the Dog Pack: How-to Make Purr-fect Animal Photos, being taught by Bob Walker.
  • Domo Arigato, I No Longer Shoot in Auto, taught by Matthew Thwing
  • Kidding Around, A How-To Course for taking wonderful portraits with children, offered by Sara Roney.  (ME!)
  • Creating Rainbows & Other Unnatural Ways To Play With Light, taught by Vincent Knaus, a wonderful photo mastermind!

RoneyfieldPhotography__ KidsPhotos_0001


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