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 We have several options available!    

1.        Full-On Studio!  Bring it on!

>>  We are good friends with the owner of Oddbox Studios in downtown historic Fredericksburg Virginia, and we have special VIP privileges using his studio for our sessions!  This also makes for easier editing, crisper images with backdrop, and the size of the backdrop is great for larger groups of people, too, as well as full-body images of the subject.  PLUS, we get to help support another small business just trying to survive in this crazy world.  We like this option so much, that we give you this as no extra cost to your session fee!  Just $60 from your session will go directly to the studio owner.  This is great, because any other local studio rental place will charge at least $200 for an hour session!  This is also a great option if the weather decides to go against you, as a great location backup!


Corporate Headshots  |  Personal Portraits | Model + Portfolio Building | Groups of People  |  Newborn Photos




2.        (Smaller)”Studio-brought-to-you”!

>>  This is a great option for those that don’t care as much about the full-body images with backgrounds.  They are 4 people or less, and would prefer close portraits anyway, and won’t mind paying a few extra dollars for Roneyfield Photography to fix the sides of any additional images other than the 2 edits included.  This studio option is great for little kiddos, since they are a perfect fit in front of the “smaller” backdrops we offer.  We will always bring “studio” lighting with us so you have nice crisp images. It’s ideal for little ones and younger kiddos!


Corporate Headshots  |  Half-body shots | Full-body, but requires extra editing, since backdrop isn’t huge




3.        Photo-Booth Option(s) / Headshot Studio-brought-to-you

>>  We offer a “photo-booth” option for most of our weddings as a nice extra fun thing for brides and grooms to do with their guests for memories they’ll have forever.  We will have the photobooth images uploaded to a custom link the next-day so the people who took their photos at the wedding will have full-access to them!  We can also do this for birthday parties or “school” photos.  We also use our pop-up backdrop for many headshot sessions throughout the year, which provides a nice clean white or light gray backdrop for the subject.  We additionally have a Military “Midnight Blue” backdrop we use for military headshots for all our wonderful men and women in the service of our country.


Corporate Headshots  |  Event Photo-booth


We have a custom Professional Studio Setup we can bring to YOUR home…for a small extra cost.  We offer a small variety of color backdrops, as well as a Military Headshot background.   Each photo shoot includes up to 2 edits like this, but because it can be time-consuming to do custom edits, but we only charge $10/photo edit, and $20 for extensive editing (taking weight off someone, erasing all lines, taking objects or people out of pictures, etc.) Please feel free to contact Sara directly with any custom questions you may have!  🙂


We will also have the option for our in-home(shed) studio at our Fredericksburg, VA home!  This (especially for newborn or children photo shoots) makes it a whole lot easier for us not having to cram a bunch of stuff into our car, and it gives you a better deal on your session, too!  –Better price!   But we are not finished yet.  We’ll announce it when it’s eventually finished.




 Children     |     Family     |     Couples     |     Friends     |     Head Shots     |     Fashion Models     |     Hair Models     |     Boudoir & Glamour

Pinup     |     Corporate Head Shots     |     Lifestyle     |     Celebrities     |     Musicians / Artists



Birthday Parties      |     Sweet 16 Birthdays     |     Anniversary Parties     |     Retreats     |     Corporate Picnics     |     Public Speaking

Seminars     |     Graduations     |     Holiday Parties / Galas     |     Pinup / Boudoir Parties or Mini-sessions     

Baptisms / Christenings     |     Bar Mitzvah’s     |     Bat Mitzva’s     |     Military Advancement


___WEDDINGS & ENGAGEMENTS:  (even tiny ones!) 

Engagements     |     Bachelorette Parties     |     Bachelor Parties     |     Bridal Showers     |     Bridal Boudoir Mini-Sessions Parties

Surprise Engagements (custom captures of the priceless moments!)     |     Pre-Ceremony (The “Getting Ready”)

Bridal Party     |     Ceremony     |     Reception / After-Party


MATERNITY & BABIES:_________________

Maternity     |     Birthing     |     Newborns     |     Twins     |     Infants     |     Toddlers & Cake-Smash Sessions





 Additional Services


I (Sara) have been a Graphic Designer for 10+ years now, and love it.  I started Sunrise Studios a long time ago, and enjoy serving others with my talents in Graphic Design.  I make it a point to go above and beyond to over-deliver, to better serve our clients, as well as learn and grow my self.  I pride myself on being a perfectionist, and love a good challenge.  I also welcome all feedback, so I can continually get better.  You may ALSO find us on facebook HERE

Here are a few things we offer:

– LOGOS                                                                                                 – BUSINESS CARDS
– POSTCARDS AND FLYERS                                                                      – POSTERS
– BROCHURES / MENUS                                                                           – SIGN DESIGN
– WEBSITE DESIGN / BLOG DESIGN                                                           – STATIONARY / CARDS
– T-SHIRT AND APPAREL DESIGN                                                             – BOOK COVER+INSIDE
– WEBSITE GRAPHICS (IMAGES, HEADERS, ADS, ETC.)                                 – PACKAGE DESIGN

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