Toddlers & Kids

Ahh, yes.  The wee little ones!  A special, innocent time in life…that you definitely want to capture!

This group of portraits I wanted to keep separate from just the standard portrait section, just because we work with a lot of little ones, and I wanted to emphasize that.  Everything from 3 month old babies in a basket, to 8 year old child models and 1st year birthday portraits, these are a few examples of what we’ve done.  (I am not allowed to post a lot of the studio portraits I’ve done of children, since we have private agreements with the companies we did those shoots for (such as 100+ shoots for Janie & Jack clothing stores, and childcare and K-12 portraits for Schoolhouse Pictures)  So out of respect for the parents’ and children’s privacy, we will not post those images publicly.   The images shown here are from sessions that allow us to post the images…so it at least gives you an idea of what we do, and the wonderful images we can get for your adorable little ones that will last a lifetime.  🙂  These types of portraits are absolutely perfect for framing on your wall at home, making special little prints to take with you wherever you go to show off your cute kid(s), and making photo gifts for family for birthdays and Christmas.  🙂  (we actually make a few custom gifts too, and sell them in our Etsy shop HERE🙂

If you ever want to think about modeling your child, or just want some adorable portraits to keep for generations to come, then booking a children’s portrait session is a great way to start.   (so even if you’re just thinking about modeling your child, this would be a great experience and give you an idea of what it would be like if you were to get them signed on with a professional modeling agency.)  It is a fun experience for both you as the parent, and for the child.  We always have fun, and do our best to make your kid feel at ease, so they can enjoy it too!

Ask us about the studio option!  We will be putting an informative page on our studio setup together soon.