Family & Personal Portraiture

Got a family?  Want to get some special portraits of yourself?

If you have little kids or teenagers, utilize this time before they change the next year, to document your family as it grows.  If you’re single, why not get a dating profile portrait session!  (yes, this is a real thing, and we actually do a fair amount of them!)  Or even just get some nice personal portraits to send to your family, if they’re not around where you live.

We always have a lot of fun in our sessions, and always aim to please…so our first order of importance to make sure you are happy with your pictures.  We operate on a relaxed, be-yourself basis, so we want that to show through in your pictures.  We’ve been told many times from clients that they had a lot of fun and felt relaxed.  🙂  We can also bring a studio backdrop and things for your child for their 1st birthday, 6 month portraits, or even for some older children too!  (currently creating a page soon, so people can see our studio setup)


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