Our Pricing!


A lot of people get “sticker” shock when they’re told prices on photo sessions.  Honestly, we’ve actually been told on several occastions that we’re too cheap! (by clients)  So we’ve broken down why our pricing is the way it is, to help you better understand how much actually goes into it.  There are a lot of factors involved in our pricing decision-making!

•  Travel costs to and from locations
•  Replacing or repairing Photography gear
•  Software purchases for editing
•  Maintenance and upkeep on automobile
•  Office supplies for admin use
•  Editing costs (my husband does a lot of editing, but when we need help, we have to pay editors to do it, so we can provide a timely photo delivery!)
•  Computer costs (buying a new computer every 2 years, and buying hard drive space and online storage space
•  Website domain, backup, data, & server costs
•  AND TIME!  (time for travelling to and from, time for talking with people, emails, admin behind the scenes, time for scheduling, and time for editing and photo delivery!)


For weddings, it’s always more because of how much work and setup is involved.  To see our wedding packages, click here!

For events, we have an hourly rate that applies, and the minimum time we shoot for events is an hour.  Here is our event pricing!

If you want to propose to your special someone, or just get romantic pictures with your partner, check out our romance and engagement packages here!

For our moms that are expecting, and for babies that are on their way or have already been born, check out our Maternity & Newborn Packages!

If you are in need of headshots or business team portraits, check out our Corporate Portraiture & Headshots Packages here!

For all other portrait sessions, we have a special page just for the family pictures, kids portraits, extended family, etc.  EVEN dating profile portraits!  Check our packages out here!

For all of our graduates, high school students about to graduate, or even just adults who went back to school, here are our packages for those!

If you want to get some sexy, classy Boudoir photos for yourself or as a gift to your husband for Valentine’s Day or a Birthday, check out our Boudoir Options!


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