Roneyfield Easter Kids

hehe.  Even a Photographer’s kiddos have to pose every so often!  So we did just a few special Easter pictures with John & Abigail this year, and I thought I’d share them with all of you, especially since I think they’re sooo adorable!  ♥  (I’m a little biased, since they’re my children, what can I say!)  We had some cute Easter-y props and our beautiful studio setup, and went to town!  🙂


RoneyfieldPhotography__ John&AbigailEasterPics_0001RoneyfieldPhotography__ John&AbigailEasterPics_0002RoneyfieldPhotography__ John&AbigailEasterPics_0003RoneyfieldPhotography__ John&AbigailEasterPics_0004RoneyfieldPhotography__ John&AbigailEasterPics_0005RoneyfieldPhotography__ John&AbigailEasterPics_0006RoneyfieldPhotography__ John&AbigailEasterPics_0007

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