Personality Portraits With Shiva | Fairfax Studio-Style Personality Portraits

Shiva called us looking for some personality portraits to send to his parents in India, so we had a fun studio-style session at his apartment!  (Yes!  We DO provide studio portraits, and we DO come to our client’s offices or homes if needed)  It always is less stressful to our clients for us to come to them.  🙂

Here are some of my favorites!


RoneyfieldPhotography__ ShivaPortraits_0004RoneyfieldPhotography__ HEADSHOTS_0006RoneyfieldPhotography__ ShivaPortraits_0005RoneyfieldPhotography__ HEADSHOTS_0007RoneyfieldPhotography__ ShivaPortraits_0006RoneyfieldPhotography__ HEADSHOTS_0008RoneyfieldPhotography__ ShivaPortraits_0008RoneyfieldPhotography__ HEADSHOTS_0009RoneyfieldPhotography__ HEADSHOTS_0014RoneyfieldPhotography__ ShivaPortraits_0009



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