Happy Easter With Michael & Samira

We had met Michael & Samira’s mom at the Janie & Jack stores, while we were doing our mini-sessions that we do several times a year with “Precious Time Photography”.  She and I had talked many months ago about using one or several of our live bunnies for some special Easter pictures of her two children, and we were able to put it together with one of our dwarf bunnies, Benjamin Bunny ♥, my birthday bunny my husband got me while we still lived in Fort Worth, Texas.  Benjamin is such a sweet boy, and he really took to Michael, and snuggled with him the whole time!  He really really liked him…and Michael loved him too!  They were sooooo darn adorable!  They drive down to our Fredericksburg house to take these pictures, and we had a wonderful time!  🙂

H a p p y   ♥  E a s t e r !

RoneyfieldPhotography__ Michael&SamiraEasterPics_0001RoneyfieldPhotography__ Michael&SamiraEasterPics_0002RoneyfieldPhotography__ Michael&SamiraEasterPics_0003RoneyfieldPhotography__ Michael&SamiraEasterPics_0004RoneyfieldPhotography__ Michael&SamiraEasterPics_0005RoneyfieldPhotography__ Michael&SamiraEasterPics_0006RoneyfieldPhotography__ Michael&SamiraEasterPics_0007RoneyfieldPhotography__ Michael&SamiraEasterPics_0008RoneyfieldPhotography__ Michael&SamiraEasterPics_0009RoneyfieldPhotography__ Michael&SamiraEasterPics_0010RoneyfieldPhotography__ Michael&SamiraEasterPics_0011

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