The Belmont Country Club: Where Class Meets The Country In Ashburn Virginia

Do you and your partner crave stunning views and historic architecture for your Virginia wedding day? Then the Belmont Country Club (19661 Belmont Manor Lane Ashburn, VA 20147) could be the venue for you! The Belmont is one of those types of places which you and your guests will never forget and thus your wedding party will never forget your wedding.

The Belmont is one of those types of places where, because of the exquisite beauty of the venue, you too feel more polished, refined and classy. What better venue for you and your guests? With acres of land for your guests and you to admire (or of course explore if any of your family appreciate a round of golf); with classical-style architecture which reminds you of simpler and more wholesome American times, it would be difficult to go far wrong with the Belmont.

Indeed, Belmont’s history is genuinely impressive: it was once part of the land of Lord Fairfax and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Furthermore, The Manor House was erected in the 1790s by the son of Richard Henry Lee, who signed the Declaration of Independence. At Belmont, you can be part of America’s history on your special day.

In terms of practicalities, the Belmont has many plus points for your wedding. It can house up to three hundred guests and has larger rooms and smaller rooms depending on whether you want a more intimate wedding, or indeed not. As the Belmont want to retain a sense of that old-world theme, they have cleverly maintained a separation between the cocktail bar and the ballroom, which adds charm to the venue for your guests. We needn’t even discuss the photos: with historic grounds and breathtaking views, whether you want indoor and outdoor photos, they will be stunning.

Perhaps you are thinking: yes, it is a stunning venue set in the countryside which is something my family and friends would definitely appreciate. I also love old buildings and always wanted to wanted to get married somewhere old-style. But! How does it rate organizationally for weddings? Do they know what they are doing? Am I going to be horrendously stressed? Fear not, bride! The Belmont Country Club has had many wonderful reviews on independent websites (and not just their own testimonials!). Out of over one hundred reviews, the Belmont receives extraordinarily high-praise from previous brides and grooms. They of course state that the Belmont is a beautiful location but crucially highlight how organised, efficient and understanding the staff are and how their weddings were flawless and stress free! What more could you want from a wedding venue? As if that is not enough, the Belmont offer to organize your wedding for you, from catering and the cake to the seating plan. This will truly help for your special day to run smoothly!

Are You Looking For A Professional Wedding Photographer For Your Special Wedding Day At The Belmont Country Club In Ashburn, Virginia?

Your wedding day will only come once in a lifetime.  It’s loads of planning and tons of stress.  I remember my wedding planning and getting ready for that special day, one of the best days of my whole life.  I know you are looking for a great photographer for your very special day.  My name is Sara Roney and I am a professional full-time photographer.  It would be my honor to help you with your wedding and engagement photos.  I’d love to chat with you if you are in need of a good and friendly photographer.  Here at Roneyfield Photography we like to keep things very simple.

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