Capitol Hill Club: a Classic Venue to Add Elegance to Your Wedding

Capitol Hill Club (300 First Street, SE Washington, DC 20003-0000) is one of those venues which never loses its charm. A classic and traditional wedding venue for many couples, there is a reason why so many choose to get married in this stunning location.

First of all, friends and family will already be in awe when they draw up at the outside of this venue. Tall, beautiful, painted white this venue reminds us of happy times gone by.  This venue is exquisitely beautiful but in an understated kind of way. Second of all, this venue is packed with old-world charm without the old-world clutter.

Basking in the glory of America’s history, the Capitol Hill Club is designed with elegance in mind. Beautiful and traditional paintings ornate the walls and thick, comfortable carpets cover the floors. Spacious hallways invite guests in warmly and give the anyone entering plenty to look at. Whilst pictures are being taken at the reception, you will have no doubt that your guests will be able to explore this beautiful location and soak up the culture and history which it offers to anyone who will visit.

Capital Hill Club Is Ideal For A Washington Wedding

With so many brides and grooms choosing this wonderful location in which to get married, you will not be let down with the standard of service. One gets the feeling that the staff at Capitol Hill Club are proud to work at such a stunning location as they cater for your every requirement, need and want. They have an exceptional eye for detail which leaves you feeling stress free, contented and happy.

Why Choose The Capitol Hill Club For Your Wedding?

With the option of several places to be married in the Capitol Hill Club, you can be sure that they will be able to create a wedding which you love and will remember fondly for the rest of your life. Whether you want a small or larger wedding, they will be able to help: with a capacity of up to three hundred, they will be sure to get it right. With high-quality caterers on site, you are sure to be stunned by the high quality of food which they offer for your guests.

Capitol Hill Club Is Great For Beautiful Wedding Photography

Sometimes, the popular choice is the best choice. In this case, Capitol Hill Club is. It is a beautiful venue, with the option of great photographs and architecture and decor to stun your guests. In addition, you will be able to have a high quality of wedding with excellent food and the option of choosing your style, decor and music in your ceremony. The Capitol Hill Club is one of those types of venues which you and your guests will remember for years to come and for which you will have beautiful photographs to remind you. Book an appointment now!

Are You Looking For A Professional Wedding Photographer For Your Special Wedding Day At Capitol Hill Club In Washington DC?

Your wedding day will only come once in a lifetime.  It’s loads of planning and tons of stress.  I remember my wedding planning and getting ready for that special day, one of the best days of my whole life.  I know you are looking for a great photographer for your very special day.  My name is Sara Roney and I am a professional full-time photographer.  It would be my honor to help you with your wedding and engagement photos.  I’d love to chat with you if you are in need of a good and friendly photographer.  Here at Roneyfield Photography we like to keep things very simple.

We have simple hourly rates as well as fast turnaround time on photo delivery (always less than two week turnaround on all events/shoots).  Photography is our passion and we consider it a pleasure to serve.  My calendar fills up pretty fast so please shoot me a message sooner rather than later to reserve your dates.  Feel free to call or text me at (703) 431-3765 or use our contact page here for more details.

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