Meadowlark Botanical Gardens In Vienna, Virginia

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens In Vienna, Virginia

Weddings are supposed to be super special and something memorable both for you and your groom and also for your intimate guests consisting of friends and family and Meadowlark Botanical Gardens In Vienna, Virginia might be just the spot for your big day. With this in mind, you want to choose only the best of everything from your wedding gown to the cuisine at your wedding reception.

Nature Abounds At Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

It would not take much time until you will be wed but you have imagined long before the kind of wedding you would have. It is the kind of wedding where you want to be surrounded with colorful flowers and grand trees. You want a touch of nature in your wedding setting with beautiful fountains that can be seen as well. You especially want to breathe the many varieties of the natural fragrances coming from the different flower species the moment you say your sweetest “I do.”

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Is A “Majestic Venue”

You especially want a wedding venue under a clear blue sky so visible while you exchange your wedding rings at your wedding ceremony. You want to feel the fresh cool breeze while you and your groom are standing in front of each other exchanging vows. Every DC metro area photographer would absolutely say that the Northern Virginia Meadowlark Botanical Gardens just perfectly fits well the description for your dream wedding venue.

Meadowlark is located in Vienna in Northern Virginia. A 95-acre area consisting of beautiful gardens as well as one-of-a-kind collections of native plants, Meadowlark is considered as a sanctuary of nature and beauty. Truly epitomizes a botanical garden, Meadowlark features gazebos, lakes, walking trails, a vast shade garden, seasonal blooms, butterflies, birds, native wildflowers, and over twenty species of peonies, irises as well as cherry trees.

The Natural Beauty Of Meadowlark Botanical Gardens In Vienna Virginia Is Great For Casual Weddings

A natural beauty that is best for garden weddings, Meadowlark is not only a perfect place for those who love to see and visit to experience the breathtaking natural beauty setting but it also presents an endowment that gives a chance to honor or commemorate loved ones, volunteer programs, concerts, field trips, tours, horticulture and gardening workshops. Its exceptional Visitor Center displays conservation as well as diversities of plants. The visitors can also relax in its interesting picnic area situated next to the Gardens. The most popular building that Meadowlark takes pride in is the indoor Atrium which features a tropical garden type of setting.

The Atrium which is the best focus for a wedding reception idea when hiring a wedding photographer for your special day is Meadowlark’s featured building for events hosting such as holiday celebrations, corporate banquets, workshops, weddings, receptions and meetings. Speaking of weddings, the award-winning Atrium after it was opened in 1998 became a popular site for lovely wedding receptions the region can boast.

Its walls that are made of glass overlook the 95-acre Botanical Gardens with splendid ornamental collections that are quite colorful and pleasing to the eyes of every viewer. You can invite as many as 230 seated guests or 300 standing guests and still the remarkable Atrium, featuring indoor fountains, an indoor stream as well as a 2000 square foot skylight, can accommodate them all.

Aside from all of the abovementioned features of Meadowlark, it has more to offer its visitors. Its tours featuring various aspects of the spectacular Meadowlark Gardens are especially catered for classes in the upper level, school field trips, garden clubs as well as other groups. Among the Northern Virginia’s most distinguished venues, the Korean Bell Garden is remarkably constructed at Meadowlark as well. The Korean Bell Garden is surrounded with stones and more than 100 native trees as well shrubs from Korea. The garden contains replicas of the elaborate ancient Korean statues and monuments, stone structures and walls decorated with artistic traditional Korean symbols plus a flowing beautiful water way. The garden actually consists of major elements such as the bell, totem poles, traditional pavilions, Korean alphabet, “wall of 10 symbols,” flower wall, and Dol Hareubang.

One of the best features that grace the Meadowlark is its three gazebos of which all visitors love due to their cool and serene ambience. Its gazebos include the Hillside Gazebo, Azalea Woods Gazebo and Lake Caroline Gazebo. The Hillside Gazebo is a lovely place that is perched on top of one of the rolling hills of Meadowlark overlooking the landscape of the garden.

This is a perfect location especially for every private ceremony. The Azalea Woods Gazebo is situated in a secluded spot in the park with greenery and hard woods surrounding it. This is an ideal space for those who prefer an intimate and peaceful setting that is best for a private ceremony. The Lake Caroline Gazebo is considered as the most popular venue for a wedding ceremony since it is situated at the last part of a lovely dock located in the center of the adorable Lake Caroline. You can especially see the gardens in full view when you are in this gazebo which makes it an excellent venue for outdoor ceremonies.

Another interesting feature the Meadowlark boasts of is the Visitor’s Center. It started to welcome its guests in 1992 and considered as an important architectural landmark established in Northern Virginia. It features a garden map for the visitors’ easy access of the gardens, an informative interactive exhibit area which focuses on plant diversification and a number of aquaria exhibits, all made possible through donations that funded them.

Also included in its features are the interactive exhibits that are PC based that present rotating topics related to a variety of garden collections. Aside from all these features, a library, administrative offices, restrooms and a gift shop are located in the Center as well. On top of these, the Center is frequented by many visitors in winter months for its beautiful spacious central fireplace which is considered by many as a great spot to socialize and relax.

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