Hiring a Good Wedding Photographer For Your Special, Magical Day

Your wedding is your special day and not only that but it is also your big day you would remember forever and so taking a lot of photos to capture every joyous moment of your life is a very essential part of the celebration. You do not want to miss any single moment and you want a perfect shot for that every cheerful and sweetest smile. You mostly want to see later how beautifully dressed you and your partner were as well as your bridesmaids and the rest of those that were part of the wedding ceremony and reception.

From every food prepared to the décor you want them all captured so perfectly and clearly as a memento of that great day of yours! Those moments when you exchange your “I dos” and the delicately carved rings, you want them all captured in timeless photos. Taking perfect pictures at your wedding ceremony and receptions are only possible when you are able to hire a good wedding photographer.

Today, when everything is accomplished quickly and because of the advanced technology, with digital cameras almost everyone can take pictures on their own on any occasion. But on your wedding day, you think it is a good idea to hire a wedding photographer. The first thing that should come into your mind however is that how to get started. You cannot just hire a wedding photographer right away without considering some important things.

Unlike wedding cakes, flower arrangements, music, you cannot see, hear, taste, and smell the pictures at first, you will only get to see them after they are developed. This goes without saying that the artistic style, personal demeanor and professional skills of the photographer should be carefully selected and researched when hiring one for your wedding.

On your end, first, you should be able to decide the style of photography you prefer so you will be guided as to the kind of photographer to choose for your wedding. There are four different styles to choose from: the edgy-bold style, fine art, portraiture and documentary. Second, read reviews on the potential photographers and their websites as well as the photos from other weddings they have shot to see their own style. Third, you need to interview your potential photographers in person. Fourth, ask to be shown samples of their “complete wedding albums,” so you don’t only see the portfolio of their best pictures but also the way they shoot an actual wedding form start to finish.

Fifth, the albums presented to you should then be reviewed by you very carefully taking into consideration the capture of the emotions are represented in the picture in a way that you look relaxed. Sixth, the personality of the photographers should match yours in the sense that you understand each other in order to come up with good results after. Seventh, you should confirm that the photographers you interview are the ones you see taking your pictures on your wedding day. Eight, you should be able to compare packages. Ninth, you should be given information as to your rights regarding the photos. Last, ask the details about the postproduction.

Part 2: Hiring a Good Wedding Photographer for Starters

Good photographers make good pictures! The experience, expertise, skills and styles as well as the personalities of the photographers are the important things that should be considered when hiring a good one to take your wedding pictures. As your wedding day is special and so must your pictures be as can always be seen in the works of Northern Virginia photography! The style of photography you prefer, reviews on the photographer and the interview of photographers are several things that should be considered on how to hire a photographer for your big day.

Before hiring a good wedding photographer, it is important that you decide first on the style of photography you wish to have on your wedding since it will give you an idea of the type of photographer you will be hiring to help you. You can choose from four different styles such as the edgy-bold, fine art, portraiture and documentary.  The edgy-bold style is characterized by unconventional framing, tilted angles or “Dutch angles” and outside-the-box shots. An example of this type of shot is a tilted photo of the bride and groom exchanging vows.

Fine art style refers to producing gorgeous and dramatic photos in the sense that they appear as if they are shot on film, thus having that muted, dreamier and grainier look. It is taken in such a way that it focuses the “couple” and makes the background look blur. Portraiture style is associated with the classic portraits. This is the traditional style and poses are the usual photos of the couple at the altar or group pictures with their family and friends in their formal poses.

Documentary style refers to spontaneous or candid pictures of action, décor and people taken at the exact moments they are happening. This includes pictures of you and your cousins or bridesmaids laughing while seated at the reception table. Actually most photographers can blend documentary and portraiture shots as well as mix color and black-and-white images; however, if you prefer your special style be sure to hire photographers who especially are experts at it.

Make sure to read reviews on the photographers as well as their blogs and websites. To know exactly their style, check out the other photos they’ve shot. The sensibility and personality of the photographers are also represented in their website designs where you might get some clues as to their styles as well. Usually clients give feedbacks so check these too then you will have an idea as to the quality of their work.

Your potential photographers should be interviewed in person. Seeing their sample photos in their websites is not enough. You should meet in person to be able to assess their styles as well as their personalities that mesh with yours. If you like their work and the fees they charge are within your budget range, confirm if they can be there at your wedding date. If not, then ask for their associates if they have or their recommendation as to those photographers that share the same style with them. When interviewing, you should talk about the style of photos, your wedding style and venue as well.

Part 3: Hiring a Good Wedding Photographer for Starters

Weddings are always special and it is just natural that you want everything to be perfect and this includes the pictures at your wedding as the aim of Northern Virginia photography. Aside from determining the style of photography you want, checking out reviews on your potential photographer, and the careful interview of photographers, other things such as asking samples of their complete wedding albums, reviewing their albums very carefully, personality of your potential photographer, confirming the same person you have hired will show up at your wedding, comparing packages, being informed regarding your rights to the photos and asking details regarding the postproduction should also be considered on how to hire a photographer for your special day.

You should ask samples of their complete wedding albums. It is always wise for you to be able to see not just their portfolio of photos taken from various weddings since they are showing only the best shots they have got but also they should be able to show you a “full wedding album” so you will be completely informed about their style and the way they take pictures. Now if after seeing both pictures from their portfolio and “full wedding album,” you notice that they are both good you can’t tell the difference, then you have found the right photographer for your wedding. Then be able to ask to be shown a “full wedding album” that resembles your wedding setting to give you an idea as to the results of your photos later when taken in a similar setting.

Be very critical when reviewing their albums. Check for key moments captured such as when the couple had their eyes locked to each other for example. The crispness in the images should be checked as well as the framing for the photos if they look good or not. Do not dismiss the use of good lighting.

The personality of your potential photographers is something to be considered as well. If you want the best pictures then do not hesitate to hire professionals who know social graces so as not to offend your guests in anyway and are courageous enough to search for great images and with whom you are comfortable with and don’t annoy you since they will be capturing your every move to get the best pictures.

There are photo studios that have more than one photographer so you should make sure that the same person you have interviewed shows up at your wedding considering the personality, styles and skills of every photographer differ. If the one you have interviewed might not be at your wedding, you should have it stipulated beforehand in the contract who would be the substitute photographer.

Compare the rates such as the standard shooting rates and package so you will know how much it will exactly cost you. You have to know everything that is included in the package; plus for the additional coverage, special effects, number of hours or for extended hours and more events such as before or even after the reception.

It is important to check out where you stand with the rights as to the photos since mostly the photographers own the rights which means they can post them promotionally for ads, blogs or websites. So negotiation as to the rights is necessary so you will have an idea as to when you can use your photos freely.

After negotiating with the rights to the photos, you are then ready to discuss about the postproduction like when you are able to receive your complete album, the number of images you would receive, whether the images will be low resolution or high resolution and the selection as well as the retouched versions.

Are You Looking For A Professional Wedding Photographer For Your Special, Magical Wedding Day?

Your wedding day will only come once in a lifetime.  It’s loads of planning and tons of stress.  I remember my wedding planning and getting ready for that special day, one of the best days of my whole life.  I know you are looking for a great photographer for your very special day.  My name is Sara Roney and I am a professional full-time photographer.  It would be my honor to help you with your wedding and engagement photos.  I’d love to chat with you if you are in need of a good and friendly photographer.  Here at Roneyfield Photography we like to keep things very simple.

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