How to Choose a Photographer for Your Wedding in the Spring

Wedding rings and photographs: two of the mementos which, for the rest of your life, you will keep as a reminder of your vows and of your special day. However, whilst one can look at rings beforehand and try them on for the correct size, choosing an appropriate photographer for your spring wedding can be stressful and fraught with worry. Moreover, there are so many adverts for photographers who can ‘do’ a wedding, you don’t even know how experienced they are?

You are not even sure if they photos they will take will be the best you could have and you won’t know till weeks after the wedding whether or not they have been a success. However, with our tips for success you will be able to lessen the stress and increase your know-how on how to choose the perfect photographer for your wedding in the spring.

Researching Photographers In The Northern Virginia And Maryland Area

You probably have already researched photographers and have found that they cater for lots of different styles. It is often a good idea to visit wedding events if you haven’t already done this. Often you will be able to get discounts or special deals which you might not be able to get elsewhere. This will help you to pick your photographer: what type of photos do you want?

Types Of Photographers You Can Hire For A Wedding And Engagement

Wedding photographs are usually either classical or journalistic, that is either of traditional ‘set pictures’ of your relatives and you or photographs that are more spontaneous. Of course, it is possible to also have a mix of both which is something which you can ask your photographer. When you are researching your photographer do n’t automatically choose the cheapest one. Ask yourself: why are they cheap? Is this their first wedding?

Review The Portfolio Of Your Potential Photographers

Once you have decided on the style of photographs and have found a few photographers who are able to capture your individual style, then you should meet the photographer in person. Make sure it is the photographer who will be doing your wedding! You can discuss your preferences and then even have a pre-wedding photo shoot which will help you to see the types of photographs which they will take. You can also ask to look at their portfolio and see exactly what kind of photographs they have taken in the past.

Finally, all you need to do is sign the contract. Make sure they have the correct date, venue and time: you don’t want them turning up to the wrong venue or at the wrong time! If you are specific in your contract with the types of photography you require, then this will help ensure that you will have exactly the photos which you want for your special day.

Remember: trust your decision. Your photographer will be a professional who has lots of experience taking wedding photographs and will have an excellent sense for the perfect wedding shoot. Trust their expertise and leave all of the stress of the photographs to them on your special day!

Are You Looking For A Professional Wedding Photographer For Your Special Wedding Day?

Your wedding day will only come once in a lifetime.  It’s loads of planning and tons of stress.  I remember my wedding planning and getting ready for that special day, one of the best days of my whole life.  I know you are looking for a great photographer for your very special day.  My name is Sara Roney and I am a professional full-time photographer.  It would be my honor to help you with your wedding and engagement photos.  I’d love to chat with you if you are in need of a good and friendly photographer.  Here at Roneyfield Photography we like to keep things very simple.

We have simple hourly rates as well as fast turnaround time on photo delivery (always less than two week turnaround on all events/shoots).  Photography is our passion and we consider it a pleasure to serve.  My calendar fills up pretty fast so please shoot me a message sooner rather than later to reserve your dates.  Feel free to call or text me at (703) 431-3765 or use our contact page here for more details.

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