Planning A Birthday Party With Photography

Isn’t your kid’s birthday coming up?  You won’t want to miss a moment during this special occasion. Every detail has to be perfect. What better way to ensure that than to plan ahead. Here are a few of the things you need to tick off your to do list to plan the perfect birthday party for your kid.

1. Think about the theme
Make your child’s dream come true by picking a theme that he will love. Whether you’re having the party in a Washington DC apartment or at the backyard of you Maryland home, fun and picture perfect decorations would bring the fantasy to life.

2. Send out the Invitations
Once you’ve confirmed the time and place, it’s time to prepare the guest list! Make sure to invite all of your kid’s friends and classmates. Make it fun by allowing your child to prepare handmade invitations with you.

3. Food!
Bring out the fun finger foods. You can prepare simple dishes like crispy chicken bites, pigs in a blanket or colorful cupcakes. Don’t forget the birthday cake and candles!

4. Activities and prizes
Kids easily get bored. Why not make it interesting by preparing games ahead of time. Having a pirate themed party? Go for games such as pin the beard on the pirate. You can also have a little face painting stand in the corner. There are endless games to choose from. Remember to prepare prizes for all the kids not just the winners.

5. Goody bags
Make the party memorable for your guests by giving out little gift bags afterwards. Candies, bracelets and little toys are some cute ideas.

6. Remember to capture the memories
Any party would not be complete without a big batch of pictures for the family photo album. You don’t want to be behind the lens and miss out on your own kid’s birthday party right? Be part of the happiness and emotion of the moment.  See the joy in your child’s eyes while he wishes and blows on his birthday cake.

Laugh with the other parents as you children scurry around playing games and having fun.  Savor the food you’ve prepared. Be with your child as you both give out the goody bags. An awesome professional photographer could complete the fantasy you have planned. Pick a package and book your party photo session today. Contact Roneyfield Photography, together we can create magic that would last a life time.

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