Felesha’s Farm-Life Maternity Portraits | Lake Anna Maternity Photography

This gorgeous girl is such an inspiring person!  She has so many talents, and still manages to maintain a farm with horses, donkeys, mules, turkeys, chickens, ducks, rabbits,
dogs, goats, pigs, etc!  What a strong woman, and I think we got a lot of amazing photos from our special maternity session with her and her husband!  Her Arabian Stallion “RZ” (#davenportarabians) is super chill and gentle; He’s quite an amazing horse!  (He’s also the horse she rode down to walk down the isle on her wedding day, too!  (look for that post here!)
What a special thing for me to be able to take these pictures!  I was just soooo happy!!!  (Anytime I get to use animals in photo shoots, it does my heart good.)

We had a blast just wandering around the farm taking photos with some of the animals, and the sun was just perfect!  I think we got some epic photos!  So happy!



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