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Spring has its own mind.  Sometimes it decides to play hide and seek, and sometimes it just likes to toy with your emotions!  Like this winter…had a bit of Spring and Winter all in one.  Boy, it’s so amazing how fast this year is already starting, though!  Even the plants are all confused!  (our bushes and things are already blooming…in January!!!)  Whoah.  We’ll see if we get two springs!  That’d be kind of neat!  🙂  It definitely keeps it interesting!  February, we had some spring popping out everywhere, making us all think it was just coming early!  Then, Winter decided to come back for another hit…just to make sure we were paying attention.  Here are a few photos I took just walking around exploring with the kids…thought I’d spruce up your day, if it’s been kind of drab.  Colors always help brighten my day!  🙂  #therepeuticcolors  #springinwinter  #winterinspring  #springhassprung

THEN it was pretty cool when we got to see a Cooper’s Hawk come and inspect our chickens.  What a beautiful bird!

We can’t forget our little bird friends, either!  They seem to be excited it’s almost spring too!  Even the chickens I’m sure are looking forward to warmer weather, too!


NOW here comes March!  Instead of spring, we got SNOW!  Here are a few documentings of such events!  🙂




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