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I have a confession to make…I think backyard weddings are probably one of my all-time favorites!  There’s just something about having a family home or their own home as the venue, especially when it’s a cool farm like this one!  And even better, is when you get a bride (like Felesha) who wants to ride to the isle to walk down…on her Arabian stallion!  (I may or may not have done a big happy dance and squeal when I originally found that out!)  So this wedding was a wonderful dream-of-a-wedding for me!  The bride also did all the decor’ herself, and helped set up the whole day…that’s a lot of work!  But it turned out so amazing, and they had an awesome wedding day!


Video:  Atlantic Wedding Video
Hair & Makeup:

Here are some of the getting ready details…the little pieces and emotions that start the day!  One of my favorite parts!  Details, details, details.  🙂

AND…the bride just happened to have a little tiny baby pig in the house…how precious is that?!!!

…the “flower girl” with her little tu-tu…waiting for her turn!

Well, even the calmest of stallions throws a bit of an attitude from time to time!  (granted, there were a ton of people there, so if I were a horse, I’d be nervous too!)

One of the bride’s relatives actually gifted her a painting done by her…of “RZ” her gorgeous freckled stallion!

…special recognition to the hard-working videographer team over at Atlantic Wedding Video!  They did an amazing job, and I wanted to give you a sneak peak to what goes on when they’re on the scene.  😉  Lots of fun!  If you ever want video for your wedding, these guys are the ones to call!

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