What To Expect When Hiring A Professional Photographer In Fairfax Virginia

If you want high quality photos, hiring a photographer in Fairfax Virginia like Roneyfield Photography can provide you with the highest quality photos that are just what you have been looking for. Not only a professional photographer but also skilled in the field of photography in all areas such as newborn photography, wedding photography, family photography and engagement photography or just on any occasion and celebrations,  a photographer in Fairfax Virginia knows exactly the expectations of his clients and meets such expectations as well and can even do more. As an experienced and professional photographer:

  • Does not need further publicity as to advertise his photography work like on the back of his car since more often than not as based on referrals his scshedule is booked months or weeks ahead for the excellent quality of work she delivers to his clients.
  • Does not need to edit his shots as they already look great that means they are tack sharp, well-composed as well as captured at the right timing without any need of heavy editing work.
  • Uses Photoshop only to enhance his photos and not to fix them as in the case of shoddy shots with the intention of covering up lame shots.
  • Does not need to show 50 photos on his website after probably choosing them from a not so good thousand shots since all the photos are of guaranteed excellent quality and if a client asks him she can show some shots taken from his 3 recent shoots which means she can deliver the same quality shots in his next shoot.
  • She has a website but not like the ones with background music and animated features that just use such to cover up their poor workmanship after all but instead as an experienced professional photographer, she knows that an easily navigated, not extremely animated and clean website is the best one since having a flashy website is not something that she regards as a deciding factor for his potential clients to hire him because she believes his product of high quality is enough reason to hire him.
  • She is not really into creating a very fancy logo to attract clients because the quality of his work is enough and his clients already know it and mostly she takes photo shoots based on referrals. Instead she just uses his name in a specified font without the cute graphics and ornate designs although some experienced professionals have ornate logos as well.
  • She does not especially boast about his equipment of which she does not necessarily spend on much as buying the latest camera since what is really important to him are the excellent photos she delivers to his clients, keeping a profitable business and pleasing clients.
  • She is very experienced in the sense that she can anticipate the significant moments before they actually happen so she can get a perfect shot at the perfect moment especially at the wedding shoots.
  • Is confident enough about the high rate she asks his clients since she knows the quality of work she does is all worth it.

Hiring a photographer in Fairfax Virginia would mean unending possibilities when it comes to obtaining high quality photos on any occasion and celebration in your life such as at engagements, weddings, christenings, etc. Not to mention other special moments in your life when you want to capture those moments with your newborn and family. Let’s discuss below the different skills and styles a Fairfax Virginia photographer can offer when it comes to all fields of photography.

Newborn Photography

Taking photos of newborns can be the most challenging and really difficult as they are definitely the ones to follow in every session. But in spite of the challenges a photographer has to face, newborns are still the cutest subjects in all photo sessions and given the right timing, working with them can be so interesting and fun as well. A Fairfax Virginia photographer knows a lot about newborn photography and here are some of the things she considers when dealing with newborns:

  • She knows exactly that in order to keep the baby comfortable during the photo session she must prepare a sheater fan as well as clean, warm blankets to keep the baby warm.
  • She knows that when the baby is asleep that is the best time to take his shots and so she puts in some background music to soothe the baby.
  • She knows that when the baby is kept full this will most likely make the baby happy and result in a successful photo session.
  • She knows that the best time to take the baby’s photos is in the morning as the baby is in his best mood during this time.
  • She knows that the photo session with the newborns can take time and a series of waiting especially when the baby has to eat, pee or poop requires his patience.
  • She knows how to handle babies very well in a way that she is very gentle with them and observes precaution at all times.
  • She uses very creative and unique ideas so as to produce interesting and excellent quality photos of the baby.
  • She is well-prepared in the sense that she has diapers, baby wipes and cleaning detergents handy just in case the baby needs to pee or poop.
  • She is naturally warm, friendly and caring; such qualities that show she can be trusted to handle the baby well.
  • She knows that the photo session must take place in the most natural and familiar location for the baby.
  • She knows well how to complement the baby’s outfit with the background.
  • She knows just the right time to take the baby’s photos such as the baby’s “happy moments” as when the baby is with his favorite toy, music or book, or during the baby’s feeding time or bath time.
  • She knows just the perfect pose comfortable for the baby.
  • She is very creative in his choices of the props for the photo session which may include blankets, baskets, umbrellas, wooden boxes, flowers, wraps, stuffed toys, buckets, hats, faux furs, crates, baby beds, rug, bean bags and other creative ideas.
  • She knows very well that in order to capture the accurate expression of the baby she must use mild lighting.

Wedding Photography

Weddings are one of the most important celebrations in everyone’s life and it is all the more important to hire a very skillful and experienced photographer to capture those important moments. A photographer in Fairfax Virginia knows that every shot at a wedding is precious and so she observes the following guidelines:

  • It is part of his rules to be able to communicate very well with his clients during the wedding plans until after the photos are delivered.
  • She openly accepts the suggestion of the client as to the style to choose which could either be documentary, fine art, edgy bold or portraiture.
  • She has a portfolio of “full wedding albums” to present to his clients in situations where his clients need to see them for reference.
  • She has the ability to take wedding photos capturing every emotion at the wedding in a manner that shows his subjects look relaxed.
  • She understands his clients very well and sees to it that his clients also understand him to come up with the best results thereafter.
  • She knows that to be professional she must show up at the wedding earlier before the wedding starts to be able to prepare his clients.
  • She knows it is important for his clients to be informed of all the packages she offers so that they can have all the chances to be able to compare the prices and services very clearly.
  • She knows that his clients must be informed of their rights to the photos.
  • She knows it is his responsibility to give his clients the details of the postproduction.
  • She knows exactly the appropriate lighting depending on the location such as indoor or outdoor.
  • She knows how to dress appropriately for the wedding depending on the dress code.
  • She is polite and knows how to deal with every guest at the wedding.
  • She is very sensitive to the bride’s wisshes as when the bride wants to pose with important people in sher life such as sher best friends, siblings, sher college roommate, etc. which are usually overlooked in a typical wedding photography.
  • She knows exactly when to get close to the couple and when to give them a lot of room when taking their photos as by using different lenses.
  • She is very well-prepared in the sense that she brings along extra memory cards, batteries, a second camera body and lens as well as a second shooter to back up in case of equipment failure or when the time is extended.
  • She knows to capture even the tiny details of the wedding such as the ring, the cake topper, etc. things which mean a lot to the bride and of which sshe must have spent months to plan and prepare.
  • She is very creative in the sense that she is able to make the most of the venue by including every ideal potential site or background for the wedding shoot.
  • She is able to deliver the photos at a fast turnaround.

Engagement Photography

Engagement photography is considered as the precursor to the wedding photography and basically prepares the couple for the actual event which is their wedding. The engagement photography should be conducted in a way that is fun, creative, love-struck, entertaining, interesting and satisfying for the couple.  When hiring a photographer in Fairfax Virginia, rest assured that these qualities of engagement photos are met since a photographer in Fairfax Virginia actually applies important tips in order to capture excellent engagement photos. Below are the tips she applies in his every engagement photo session:

  • Being Vocal

She is vocal about the poses she wants the couple to follow as she leads them. She actually tries to have fun with them while taking their photos and suggesting their poses. By having general conversation with them she is able to create a friendly and warm atmosphere for them.

  • By not focusing on the couple’s faces

This idea may sound ludicrous especially when taking engagement photos but this is just for the additional shots after taking the important shots of the couple’s faces. She does not only focus on the face but also on other things such as the engagement ring or poses such as the bride-to-be is whispering in sher groom-to-be’s ear and other related poses.

  • By suggesting a certain event shoot

She suggests ideas such as taking some of their photos at the place they first met, at their well-liked restaurant or just doing their favorite hobby together aside from actually taking their engagement photos at the couple’s engagement party as a remembrance of their engagement.

  • By scouring for the ideal locations

She especially conducts a detailed search on the great places where to take the photos. Before suggesting to the couple she prepares a list of interesting places and locations beforehand.

  • By suggesting they bring extra clothes

After his thorough research on the ideal locations and clothes to wear, she wants to offer the couple some creativity and variety so she asks them to prepare several changes for the different shots in various locations possible. She also gives them an idea on what colors to wear which depend on the background.

  • By allowing PDA

She is very open about PDA in taking engagement photos since primarily this is what encompasses the concept of engagement photography. She especially wants the idea of keeping them connected and makes them aware and feel comfortable about being silly and playful, holding hands, hugging and kissing while their photos are being taken.

  • By knowing the couple

She tries to know his subjects beforehand by meeting them over for lunch, coffee or simply a phone chat. Not to mention his efforts at finding what the couple really wants out of their photo session. She also tries to familiarize himself with their cshemistry and personality in order to give him an idea as to how the photo session should be conducted.

Family Photos  

Family photos are the type of photos that are cherished and displayed for generations to come so they only deserve to look fun, creative and beautiful indeed. When hiring a photographer in Fairfax Virginia you can make sure that your family photos are of excellent quality since taking family photos is part of his expertise. What she usually takes into consideration when she takes family photos are discussed below.

  • Acute angles are employed

She experiments with angles since she knows these types are conversation pieces and interesting as well. What she does is letting his subjects stand over him while she is taking their photo on the ground and while looking up at them.

  • Entire frame is used

She knows that close-ups convey emotions and thus uses these in his subjects. What she does is taking two subjects such as a husband and a wife, a child and a parent or siblings and getting them to get as close as they possibly can to each other before capturing a moment between his subjects.

  • Right clothes are worn

When family photos are taken it is only expected that all family members look their best. She knows that getting all members of the family to wear the same shades and types of outfit produces a striking effect. She also knows that to create a casual look, colors except those with the overly harsh shades of reds may also be matched or mixed.

  • Relationships are expressed

In order for the family photos to convey closeness and emotion, she suggests his subjects to hug as well as hold each other. She also takes photos in a way that generational differences are shown such as a grandmother poses next to sher daughter who is followed by her granddaughter. She is also able to capture the right moment when all his subjects smile naturally.

  • Members are grouped altogether

What she does when dealing with large families is getting them to pose together as a group at times for a casual look or using the “short to tall” order poses such as placing at the back those who are tall and younger, at the center those who are older and at the front those who are short and small.

  • Members are positioned pleasingly

She is especially creative in placing family members in a portrait. She takes into consideration the number of members as well as the space being used. For instance, for a family with two kids what she does is getting them all on the ground with their hands holding each other in a head to head circle position while using a ladder or standing above them. 

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