3 Useful Accessories for Newborn Photography in Fairfax, VA

Symbol of Unity and Love for your Child

Having pictures taken of your newborn is a rewarding, enjoyable and bonding experience. These photos will stay in your family for years to come and will, most likely, will be given to family and important friends. Therefore, you want these symbols of unity and love for your child to be both beautiful, appealing and crucially artistic. After all, they are a form of art which family and important friends will display in their living room, bathroom or hallway.

Developing Your Creative Eye to Create the Best Pictures

It can be difficult to know what you want in your newborn photos and it can also be an overwhelming market. Whilst your photographer might be hugely experienced, new mums often want to have accessories which they themselves have chosen out for the photo shoot. These will further personalise your photos and make them more memorable for years to come. To develop your creative eye, you should look on the internet and in books (which can be borrowed from your library or bought in a book store) at pictures which others have done. There are a number of famous newborn photographers who have made their name in the market and you will be able to find them easily.



1. Mom and Dad

The most important people in your child’s life is going to be you and your partner. You will fend for your child, feed your child and protect your child without question or thought. Why not have these two people in the photo, too? If you would like to have the presence of the parents but not you actually included in it, think about symbols of you which could be present in the picture, for example your wedding rings or an item of importance in the background.

2. Baskets

Baskets in baby photography are very useful. It has suggestions of previous times when parents told their children that babies came in baskets, carried by storks. It reminds us of these more carefree times and are symbolic of the fairy tales and stories which you will read your child in the future. And, of course, newborn babies in baskets is utterly cute.

3. Fabrics

Fabrics can be one of those accessories which is so easy to find and so simple to use. Go to your nearest fabric shop, or indeed have a look online, at your favourite patterns and colours. You could even buy more than one in complimentary colours and patterns. Then, your child can sleep in the folds in various cute positions!


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