Chloe’s 1st Birthday Party!

Little Chloe had her first birthday party today, and I had the honor of covering the moments!  (Check out her newborn session, the first time I ever met this sweet little girl HERE!  We did a “Don’t Mess With Her” themed photo in Chloe’s newborn session, which is one of my favorite newborn pictures ever!  So please do go and check it out!)

It was a Minnie Mouse theme, and the birthday girl wore an adorable personalized outfit to go along with it, including her adorable smile and gorgeous chocolate eyes.  🙂  I even got to cover a little mini cake-smash session with the birthday girl…and that girl just went to town on it!  Some of my favorite moments were when she just went for it and grabbed a great big handful of cake and frosting!  Yay!  Happy first birthday little Chloe!  Such a beautiful little girl!


RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0001RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0002RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0003RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0004RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0005RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0006RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0007RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0008RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0009RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0010RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0011RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0012

RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0013

AND lookie what I found!  A special photo book Chloe’s mommy had made of her newborn session with Roneyfield Photography!  🙂  That just tickled me happy!  (yes, I said that…I guess you can add that to the Sara’s word dictionary, haha!)  ♥ that little princess to pieces!

RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0014RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0015RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0016RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0017RoneyfieldPhotography__ Chloe1stBirthday_0018

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