Help Portrait Christmas 2014 | Fredericksburg, Virginia

This is my second year joining the group of Photographers that do this every year…and I love it!  It’s a wonderful blessing to be able to donate something priceless like a beautiful portrait to someone that has been through so much, like many of the residents of this wonderful place.  I can’t begin to imagine some of the pain that they’ve been through!  It’s one small way I can bring (or try to bring) a smile to their faces, when I give them their photographs.  Very rewarding.  And if I write any more, I’m probably going to get all teary-eyed.

Enough said.  It’s priceless.  It’s rewarding.  And I’m honored to be a part of it!  So here is a small glimpse of what goes on the special day, with some of the amazing team that were a part of this year:
THE LOCATION:  The Brisben Center
The wonderfully talented Beckah Kuper, working on Bobby Pins & Blush‘s team with Teddi Walker.


The gracious senior who decided to come and help with setup and models for the day, Jessica Morgan…accompanied by her mom  🙂  They were so sweet!


AND we even had our lead Photographer, Brooke Daniels help out with some of the styling!  🙂  She was wonderfully sweet to help!



Some of the peeps waiting for their photos!  🙂



Here are a few of the behind the scenes of some of the Photographers we had for the morning!  🙂  I enjoyed watching how everyone worked differently, and how everyone’s style was their own.  🙂


AND……some of the wonderful images I was privileged to capture for the people!  🙂


When we went to go deliver them, some of them cried, which made it even more special and near and dear to me!  ♥


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