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I had the absolute pleasure

of shooting with a beautiful family in Burke about a week ago!  She had found us through Google, and saw our website.  While on the phone with me, she recognized her best friend Shelby, who’s wedding I had shot!  I thought that was really special!  🙂  Small world.  So we set up a time for me to come out and do their newborn little Claire’s photos.

I took my son with me, who’s 3 right now…because Daddy had to work.  So when we got there, her two youngest boys took him down in the basement and played while we did our photoshoot.

Every baby is different, and has little things that make them different from every other baby.  🙂  She was the first baby I ever met who couldn’t stand her clothes off of her…so even after she was asleep, as soon as we tried to move any clothing, she’d wake up again…  haha.  This made it interesting, but we worked around that…and got some good shots either way!  🙂  I always enjoy having new things to learn, since there are always going to be new challenges and things different.  (It’s easy to think that newborn shoots are so easy to do, but there is a lot of patience and work and learning as you go with each!)

Here are a few examples of why it’s totally worth it!  😀


And the best part, which is what I was waiting for the longest time to do:  Our own version of #Don’tMessWithHer…which you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest and google.  🙂  HERE IT IS!

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