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Have you just had a baby boy or girl?  I know it was a long eight or nine months, but it’s worth it now, isn’t it?   =)

I’m a mother myself.  I have a three year old wonderful son.  My husband and I enjoy him to death.  His name is John and he was named after his dad (and his granddad, and his great granddad)… truly he is a joy to our lives and we could not imagine married life without him.

You’re going to discover, just like us, how wonderful a blessing children can be.  Sure, there are many times of frustration but then there are tons of fun times as well.  My name is Sara and RoneyfieldPhotography is the creation of my husband and I.  Little John is our ‘mascot’ as we like to think of him when we go on work outings and photo shoots together.

You’ve probably found this page here today because you have just had a little boy or girl and you would like to capture their special memories to keep for a lifetime.  It is a wonderful thing to do newborn photographs as it is one of the most special times of your little one’s new life.

I can tell you from much experience that the best time to do the photographs for a newborn are within the first 10 days after birth.  Specifically these first 10 days are best.  Why?  It is simply because newborn sleep a majority of the day the first week and a half.  But after these first 10 days the sleep diminishes and they are much more awake and aware.

These first 10 days make posing much easier because the baby is sleeping most of the time.  This allows for some of the most beautiful poses you can imagine.  I would invite shoot to you our portfolio so that you could see some of the beautiful poses that we have done with other parents and their little newborns.

We do our photography all over Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland alike.  We live in Northern Virginia but travel for all of our newborn shoots.  We literally bring the photo studio to you!   🙂

What Is A Mobile Studio For Newborn Photography?

Quite simply we bring nice backdrops, baskets, and many cute and adorable props to use for the newborn photography session.  We drive all over to cities and towns like Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Silver Spring, Great Falls, Potomac, Georgetown, Reston, Tyson’s/Vienna, and all over the DC area.  It is one of our trademarks because we bring this mobile studio to the comfort of your own home.

This means that has a new mother you don’t have to leave your home right after you had your little baby.  After all, I remember what it was like to have a baby and how miserable it was to move around just after delivery.  I had they C-section myself and so I needed extra rest time and recuperation even after leaving the hospital.

One of the last things you want to do as a new mother is travel about two a photographer’s studio.  Because of this we have made our business a traveling business and we are more than happy to come to your home so you can get these great pictures with your newborn (and other family members of course too if you want) without having to travel about.

Most people love this idea and it works very well for them.  You taught to spend any time in traffic (which this area certainly does well, don’t you think?) and it is just plain easy.  I’ll bring all the props to you so you can choose between them and pick whatever is best for your little one.  We have props and backdrops for both boys and girls with corresponding color sets.

It would be a real treat for me to come see you and capture your newborn special moments with the newest member of your family and however many other members of a family would like to come to the shoot.  There’s no restriction in this way at all.

Again, my name is Sara, and I’d love to work with you and serve you in this way.  You can reach me with the contact info above this page, or also by phoning/texting me at (703) 431-3765 or emailing me at  We’ll find a time that works best for you and get you some beautiful newborn pictures.  (And as always, I give each of my clients all the rights to all the photographs so you won’t ever have to worry about paying for all these extras that some others charge here and there.)   It’s my pleasure to serve.  Let’s book your session for your coming due date if you’ve not yet ‘popped’ or right away if you’ve just delivered!    =)

♥  Sara



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