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I had the privilege today to go to my second “networking shoot” with the Leesa Robinson Talent Agency, models of all ages, and other Photographers.  Such a great group of people!  It’s a great feeling to know that there are other Photographers out there who are willing to work WITH each other, and not against.  🙂  The models were great, too!  The lady who is in charge of these for this area is super great, and is soooo good with the models!  Monique is an amazing lady, and I feel like I can call her my friend now, too!  🙂

This was a bridal shower themed shoot, but I didn’t get there till later in the day, since I had two photo shoots earlier that day.  😉  But at least I got some fun shots of the beautiful children there before it was time to pack up!  I’m looking forward to the next shoot coming up in August….going to Ocean City, baby!  😀  Excited to do a beach shoot, since I haven’t done one yet.  😉



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