Top Tips for Parents Considering a Newborn Photoshoot in Idylwood, VA

Those First Exciting Steps for You, Your Partner and Your Child

Those first weeks of parenthood are a particularly joyous time. You can experience love like you have never experienced before. You will have created family unit between you, your partner and your child which will be present for the rest of your life. You will see your child experience the first and exciting times of life, of being part of the world. You can see the world in new and exciting eyes, too: a child’s perception of animals, of light, of a mother’s love. This is something to be shared, to be remembered and to be respected.

How to show the appreciation of life in its newest form? Newborn Photography, of course!

First it is essential to research newborn photography. Nowadays, the internet is an amazing resource. Go to and simply type in newborn photography. Moving onto the images section will reap hundreds of results which you can look at with ease. Select the types of newborn photography ideas which you like such as in bowls, on antique chairs and, if possible print them out. You will be able to show and discuss these ideas with your photographer.

Choosing Your Photographer: Two Helpful Steps

Next, you want to select your photographer. Most photographers have an online presence: seek out a selection of photographers and look at their work with you partner. Which one appeals to you both? You might disagree but if you use your original selection of ideas and images, you will be able to come to an agreement. Remember that you should not automatically go for the cheapest photographer. A cheap photographer might mean that they are inexperienced or new to the field. This may not be a bad thing (for example photographers new out of college have to start somewhere) but it is something to take into consideration.

In addition, you might want to think about special objects you may want to include in your photos: a family heirloom or perhaps your wedding rings?

Useful Questions to Ask your Photographer

Next: contacting your photographer. You want to be clear the kind of experience your potential photographer is offering and this you can do with five simple questions.

1. What kind of poses do you think work particularly well?

2. How many photographs of babies do you take?

3. How much notice must I give for a photo shoot?

4. Are you booked up in advance or can I phone you after the birth?

5. What can I expect from the session?

Once you have made your choice, all you can do is wait for this exciting time in your, your family and your child’s life!

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