3 Amazing Props for Newborn Photography in Oakton, VA

The Importance of Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is a way of new moms and dads creating special memories for themselves, the rest of their family and important friends. For years to come, loved ones can have pictures of your bundle of joy on their wall as indeed you can. When your child is old enough, you can show them how they used to look, how they used to sleep and what items were important in your life at that time. For your growing child, these will be important aspects of their life to hear about, because it is all about the making of them as a person and a human being.

Naturally, you want to make these photos special. Although photographers have their own ideas about what you should put in your photos, it is good to also develop your own ideas so that when the photographer comes round at your house, you can make informed decisions about the composition and accessories used. Look at baby magazines, books on newborn photography and keep a scrap book of images which particularly appeal to you. Showing this to your photographer (and selecting your props already) will help to create images you really want as opposed to run of the mill images which everyone might have. Remember! These images are symbolic so the more personal the pictures are, the more they will mean to you and your child.

1. Antique Beds and Chairs

If you are lucky enough to have that family heirloom of an antique Louis XI chair or a priceless and sought-after bed, great! Posing your child in antique furniture which is actually owned by your family will make your pictures particularly personal. Before the shoot, even if you are not sure about what your family owns, phone around friends, relatives and family members to see if any of them have any beautiful chairs or beds which your child will be able to sit in.

2. Chests

What could be more symbolic than your newborn baby asleep in a ‘treasure’ chest? Chose a fabric in a complimenting colour, or even two or three to snuggle your baby in and let the photographer do their magic! Alternatively, you could put a cushion down under your newborn in a complimenting hue to allow them to look even cuter!



3. Bowls

It is probably difficult to imagine, but newborn babies are the perfect size and dexterity for bowls. Before the birth, go shopping looking for bowls which you like. They are relatively cheap and come in a array of different colours and designs which mean they can often go with anything!

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