It’s Time To Bring The Snow Princess Out! :)

So as promised…yesterday I mentioned I was going to attempt my own version of the snow princess feel.  Obviously my belly is a bit bigger than it normally would be….probably because of this super fast little baby girl I have growing inside!  😛  She’s very active!  But she’s going to have the best big brother in the world!  Little John is so gentle with little kids, and a very thoughtful kid!  I just know he’s going to take excellent care of little baby Abigail Roney.  ♥

It just so happened that it snowed last night, and continued to snow till this morning!  So we took full advantage of that, and went outside for a few quick shots!  (with daddy’s help, that is)  AND of course it had to be one of THE COLDEST DAYS EVER this year!  It’s something like 14 degrees right now!  (with wind, too)  so we braved it for a few minutes before we thawed ourselves inside.  🙂




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