The Coleman Family Portraits On New Years Day! | Clifton Virginia, Fairfax County Family Portrait Photographer | Roneyfield Photography

Had a wonderful time with this great family today!  No better way to start off the New Year…than with a special photo shoot!  I about lost it when they brought the cuteness out!  I just wanted to take home their adorable lab/border collie mix puppy, “Buddy”!  You can’t replace that cuteness!  I couldn’t get enough of him, along with his older comrades:  Amigo and Pal.  It was such a nice clear crisp day for photos, too.  🙂  A little cold, but great day for pictures!  🙂


TheColemanFamily_CliftonVirginia_FairfaxCountyFamilyPortraits_0016 TheColemanFamily_CliftonVirginia_FairfaxCountyFamilyPortraits_0015



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