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Yesterday morning we went to the Baby Doctor to have our gender sonogram, and of course to make sure the “incubating” process (as the doctor calls it) is going well.
So no infections this time, and baby is super healthy!  That’s the best news yet!   So I asked the wonderful Sonogram Tech to put the gender into an envelope so I couldn’t see…and I’d give it to my husband to use for the special Gender Reveal photo shoot we planned.  🙂

John looked at the envelope last night, and went this morning before work to the party store and got the supplies for the shoot.  🙂
This morning, he had me leave the room while he set it up…When I was told to emerge from my room, there was this beautiful box with a bow on the top, and the town (my son John) inside…I was a bundle of nerves, since I was convinced before that I thought it was a girl, but this morning, John made me think it was a boy!  I slowly opened it up…and

WOOSH!  and BOO!

Out popped a tinytown with his fist holding 3 pink balloons and
a box lined with gorgeous pink streamers!  
I was given a bag of pink starts to use for a special picture idea I had, and had so much fun!  Later today, I’m going to post the pictures to Facebook..I know there are a lot of people waiting for this news  🙂

THIS IS EXCITING!  A little sister for Baby John!  He’s going to make such a great older brother!  😀








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