It’s a Christmas Miracle! WOW! | Christmas Eve Moon Rainbow Ring

I honestly had no clue that this was happening…until one of our clients texted me!  (it was probably close to 1:30am)  She said, “There’s a night rainbow around the full moon outside right NOW.  It’s a Christmas miracle.  Go outside and see it if you can.”  Boy, thanks so much Paula for texting me!!!!!!  What a neat experience!  I have never seen anything like it before!

Even more cool, is that this is apparently the first full moon on Christmas Day since the year 1977!  (That’s 38 years ago!)  It’s called “The Long Night Moon” because it’s the first full moon to follow the winter solstice.  It’s also has the name “Cold Moon”.  This is the last full moon of the year 2015, too.  Another full moon on Christmas Day will not happen for another 19 years!

Check out some of the pictures WE were able to capture!  😀  I was like a kid in a candy shop!  🙂





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