2015 Christmas In Downtown Fredericksburg

Okay, so let me just begin by saying we love Fredericksburg!  It still has a small town charm to it.  There are so many cute, adorable shops nestled in the historic downtown, alongside the scenic Rappahannock River.  So much charm, so much personality, and so much history here.  It’s just a nice little town!  (we totally fell in love with this place when we first moved here)  Every year, the town of Fredericksburg has a special tradition where all the small businesses downtown decorate their front store windows with a theme for Christmas.  Every year is a nice little surprise to see what the stores have in store for us to view.  🙂  It’s a nice to walk together with your loved ones, and enjoy the artistic touches the businesses put on their storefronts.  🙂  I think I’ll make it a tradition of my own to take a downtown walk every year and photograph the storefronts  🙂




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