Shital & Pratik’s Indian Pre-Wedding Celebration & Traditions!| Gaithersburg, Maryland | Maryland Cultural Wedding Photographer | Roneyfield Photography

One of my favorite things to shoot is Indian weddings!

There are many reasons,
but the top 3 reasons are:


  1. 1.  All The Wonderful Colors
  2. 2.  Neat & Fun Traditions
  3. 3. It’s very family oriented.  The WHOLE family gets involved!  That’s a special thing!


I covered the daughter’s (the bride-to-be) ceremony, then the evening ceremony as well.  The morning had many different rituals, food, etc.  They went back and forth between the house and outside to do some special traditions like bury some items, put beautiful flower wreaths on the parents’ heads, marked the bride-to-be with paint, chanted some special incantations, etc.  They EVEN had a special time where all the ladies carried handmade jars on their heads in a procession!  It was great!

It was a big family gathering, and everyone participated in it!  The bride-to-be was decorated in all beautiful colors, henna covering her feet and hands, and her head adorned with beautiful jewelry.  This lasted a good 3-4 hours, and ended with a big feast which everyone partook of.  Alot of beautiful colors everywhere!  Such a great experience!


If YOU know anyone who’s having a Cultural wedding, please do send them our way!  
We’d love to talk with them about how we can best help them!    703-431-3765 

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