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Had the pleasure to help my dear friend Didi Russell (from today at the “Culpeper Bliss Bridal Show” at the Germanna Daniel tech center today.  (Check out their page here:  We also were entering every bride for our drawing for Roneyfield Photography!    We had a blast working at the show today, and got to meet many beautiful and excited brides, as well as some awesome vendors, too!  It was neat to hear all the different stories from the brides…we heard about some beach weddings, some cruise weddings, some outdoor weddings, some Christmas weddings!  I love hearing people’s stories!  ♥

NOW…to announce our 1st and 2nd place winners in today’s special draw!  😀   This is exciting!


►  1st place goes to OLIVIA G!  (Olivia gets 50% off our Wedding Photography Services for her wedding!  CONGRATS!)

►  2nd place goes to MARY J!  (Mary gets a FREE Engagement Photo Session, and 15% off Wedding Photography Services!  CONGRATULATIONS!)


THANK YOU everyone for participating in today’s special draw!  We had a ton of fun with you all, and hope to be able to meet with you for coffee (my treat, as promised) and chat more about your wedding Photography budget and options, as well as give everyone who entered today’s drawing a 10% discount just for being a part of today’s event!  🙂  I look forward to getting to know you all!  😀  Congratulations on your engagements again!  ♥   -Sara (703) 431-3765  We can also connect on Facebook HERE if you like!



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