Carl & Elena’s Russian Style Wedding | Reston Virginia Wedding Photographer | Roneyfield Photography

Carl has been a friend of mine, and a great client for ten years.  I met him when I worked down the street from him at the Print Shop, and had been my go-to mechanic for whenever we’re in the area!  He’s a very talented businessman, and has many cool hobbies also, like scuba-diving and playing with pro video cameras and such.  🙂  (He even had his all set up for the wedding, too!)  He actually met his beautiful bride as a scuba-instructor…she was one of his students!  How romantic is that?  😀


TheColemanFamily_CliftonVirginia_FairfaxCountyFamilyPortraits_0022 TheColemanFamily_CliftonVirginia_FairfaxCountyFamilyPortraits_0023



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