Bluemont Vineyard For A Lovely ‘Wine Wedding’ In Bluemont Virginia

A wedding is a very exciting and memorable introduction to a rite of passage called marriage. It must be a very busy time to prepare for it, with all the list of guests to think of, the best stationeries for the invitation to choose, the most gorgeous gown design you can ever conceive in your mind, the luscious cuisine for the reception and so on. One of the most important things to consider especially is the wedding venue.

You just want it to be so perfect you want to choose the most unique place that can make you feel so good on your special day and not only that but also impress your guests consist of your dear friends and family. Not to mention the kind of experience on that day that would be memorable forever to all gathered there on that big day of yours.

Northern Virginia has a lot to offer when it comes to providing the excellent venues for wedding celebrations. One unique wedding destination is the Bluemont Vineyard. There could be nothing more unique than having your wedding ceremony at The Stable, the popular venue at Bluemont Vineyard where most wedding ceremonies as well as receptions are held. It is actually among the biggest vineyard event and wedding venues that you can find in Northern Virginia. From The Stable having the stone-like floor and of which its reception space is temperature controlled, there you can see the picturesque view of the awesome Loudoun Valley which is such a perfect wedding scenery to consider when hiring a wedding photographer for your special day.

The Stable possesses a classic style for a pole barn accented with paper lanters and has old barn beams as well which give a rustic background for the décor of each client.  Bluemont Vineyard is one of the loveliest places in Northern Virginia where every DC metro area photographer recommends for those who wish to have a vineyard wedding.

Bluemont Vineyard is in Bluemont and is located on the west side of the Dulles International Airport. It is actually a beautiful country winery where across the street you will see the Great Country Farms of which the Vineyard is its extension. A small-run type of winery, the lovely Bluemont Vineyard on average produces 5000 cases of wine annually.  It primarily focuses on making a wide variety of pure Virginia wine selection with utmost attention on its quality as well as the artistry, enthusiasm and skill of every member of the team who creates each unparalleled vintage.

Located in the heart of the Wine Region in Northern Virginia, the farm winery possesses an excellent access to every DC’s Wine Country can offer. It is not only a number one choice for weddings but also for family celebrations, corporate events and receptions.  Another interesting feature of Bluemont Vineyard is the Cellar Room or also called the Tasting Room which is a very special place for any intimate celebration or your rehearsal dinner with its panoramic view of the inspiring Loudoun Valley as well.

This unique Cellar can seat a maximum of 75 guests plus a great number of additional seating provided on the lawn, decks and patio. The minimum number of guests it can hold is 35 prepared especially for bookings related to private events.

For those who are planning on a visit to Bluemont, expect to have a clean, safe and enjoyable one since this is its goal for every visitor who is informed of every policy implemented by this interesting place. Bluemont Vineyard especially strives to provide its guests a truly relaxing and unique experience they will remember forever. It carefully considers the needs and comfort of its visitors and provides various accommodations to guarantee their enjoyment. You can choose from a number of seating it provides such as deck, pergola, patio, lawn, outdoor and indoor. This amazing place has three tasting bars considered active as well as seated tastings for children or those with disabilities or reserved groups.

They have structured a handicapped ramp to provide easy access for the handicapped. Its tasting rooms offer a variety of delicious local menus that are affordable which include daily specials, delicately composed cheese and a trio of luscious tapenades as well as charcuterie plates. It serves a la carte, Amish farmers cheese in seven varieties, imported salami in three types, spreads, crackers, chips, tapenades and other interesting food. This is an ideal place for those who love to explore on a new different taste in terms of food as it especially offers something of a unique taste every visitor loves. A local bakery provides warm baguettes as an augmentation for every food selection.  If you crave for chowders, hot soup, sandwiches or stews on a weekend you only go to Bluemont for that scrumptious treat it offers every weekend as its daily special. It conducts special pairings and tastings as well. For all venues, it offers catering in full service for buffet and plated events. Every catered event is provided with different selections of menus, party rentals, service staff and non-alcoholic beverages.

The “Lore” is the name of the shop situated at Bluemont as well. The visitors here are also welcomed with unique finds, items related to wines and antiques. This is a great shop for visitors who love to collect something as they can always find an item just right for them.

As part of its policy, the vineyard allows leashed, friendly and vaccinated dogs. It however does not allow the bringing of outside alcohol which includes wines from other vineyards, wine, champagne, hard alcohol, beer, etc. Picnics are not permitted in the place as well. Outside coolers, drinks and food are not allowed to preserve safety and cleanliness since it provides affordable drinks and food for everyone.

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