Wonderful family portraits with the Blaisdell Family At The Capitol! | Washington D.C Portrait Photographer | Roneyfield Photography

This portrait session started off with an adventure!  They were coming by train, I parked and walked…and as soon as I got a block away from my car, is when the torrential downpour started.  😛  (Luckily I had a plastic bag to put over my camera bag)…BUT I got completely soaked!  lol)  So that made it interesting.  🙂  I don’t mind getting wet, but boy….soaking wet jeans are no fun.  lol  It only rained for a bit before we met up and started our shoot…which is nice.  The lighting and temperature were just right, so it made the rest of our shoot awesome.  🙂

This family from Ohio was great to work with!  Their two kiddos were so adorable, and they were all good sports about the rain.  Couldn’t ask for more!
I hope this session helped your trip to Washington D.C. worthwhile!  And it’s great to have another friend, too.  🙂



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