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I figured having all the most asked questions here would be easy for you to get a better feel for us and how we work.  We like being “straight-shooters” here, and don’t like hiding any information from our brides & grooms.  If you have a question or idea that is not addressed on this page, please don’t hesitate to call or email us!  Sara:  703-431-3765  |


Q:  “What is your working-style?”

A:  I (Sara) am very easy-going, but am very good about directing people without making them feel uncomfortable or awkward…I have no problem speaking up to get people together for group photos and such, but not in an over-powering / obnoxious sort of way.  🙂  I am pretty animated, lots of fun, but like to be quick… to try and make the picture taking process be as painless as possible.



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