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Speaking of pageantry as well as tradition, a military wedding is quite extraordinary since such kind of wedding is abundant in customs which makes it more special compared to a church wedding taking place in a traditional manner. It usually observes many rituals as its nature, thus it is regarded as very formal with all those smart dress uniforms.

Most Special Part Of A Military Wedding?

First and foremost, what makes a military wedding special is the dress code. The groom and all the bridal party members in the military wear uniforms suitable to the wedding. As an example, an officer is seen wearing a dress uniform for the evening which tantamounts to wearing a white tie that is considered as the most formal. The equivalent for mess or dinner uniform is the black tie. What’s more is that guests from the military are also allowed to attend in their uniforms depending on their choice.

Wearing a wedding gown or a uniform is something a bride in the military is given the choice. Since military weddings are basically formal, the gown of the bride is regarded as adding beauty to it. The bride’s gown is depicted as having an abundance of beaded lace or an elaboration of silver embroidery. The bride can either have a long-sleeved gown or with an elongated train. The military wedding as pageantry as well as a tradition requires a dress for the bride that is timeless in the sense that it is not too modern or trendy.

The appropriate accessories make a formal wedding extra special. A veil when long is lovely to look at the same as a strapless or sleeveless gown accompanied with gloves. Jewelry sets for the bride made from sparkling Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and pearls are considered. For the gown that is formal, jewelry sets are just the perfect match to dress up.

A remarkable hallmark of a military wedding is the arch of swords and sabers. This is a protocol so strict that is observed concerning this fantastic custom which is rather relative in every armed forces branch. This idea refers to those men in their dashing dress uniforms forming two columns and executing their swords to form an arch with their cutting edges made to face up for the newlyweds to pass through while leaving the church. This is formed exclusively only for the newlyweds. This symbolizes the welcoming of the couple especially the bride into the armed service family. This is considered as the most significant symbolism and highlight of a military wedding.

Thinking of Having a Military Wedding?

Who is qualified to have a military wedding? Anyone who is serving actively in the military is allowed to have a military wedding.

Actually, the ceremony in a military wedding is conducted based on the traditions and religion of the bride and groom with a little difference. In certain aspects, military weddings differ from civilian weddings.

The dress code especially calls for formal attire. The military man must be clad with a full-dress uniform with white gloves as well as saber/sword. Boutonnieres are not present in the uniform. The bride who is a member of the military has the option to wear a gown or her uniform. In a formal wedding such as this, the bride is expected to wear a proper gown which is illustrated as having no low-cut backs or necklines and not strapless. The ideal gown is something that is long and accompanied with a flowing train. The attendants who do not belong to the military are required to wear attire appropriate for the formal occasion. The bride wearing her uniform is not permitted to wear a corsage or flowers. While the ceremony is being held, the standards or colors designated in the military unit of the couple and an American flag are displayed.

The recessional calls for the formation of the arch of sabers or swords by commissioned officers or otherwise known as an honor guard for the couple to pass under while leaving the church which is considered as a symbolism of passing safely into marriage. This is executed by raising the sabers or swords making sure the cutting edges are facing up following a command. The newlyweds then enter the arch and kiss before passing under. After the newlywed or newlyweds in uniform render their salutes to the commissioned officers, the sabers or swords are then returned to their former carry position.

At the reception, the military guests are seated following the order of their ranks. The newlyweds use a saber or a sword for cutting the wedding cake.

The decorations are observed in such a way that it is following the military style especially the reception hall. The couple’s standards of military unit can be used as the color motif. Regimental decorations are featured as well. Basically, the American flag is displayed and on the tables mini flags are present. Green wreaths adorned with some white flowers are considered beautiful centerpieces. To add a special touch to the ceremony, the theme song designated in the branch of service of either the groom or the bride or both is played.

Military weddings are conducted either at the couple’s own synagogue, church or at a military base chapel. The military academy also holds wedding ceremonies for academy graduates who are either retired or active, the children of the graduates or a staff member. The saber or sword can only be carried by those in full-dress uniforms. Swords are carried by Naval officers while sabers are carried by the Marine, Air force and Army officers.

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