Montly Moments

This is a collection which will start out monthly…and grow into a weekly then daily project…to share with you little special stories and moments that make this life oh so beautiful.  🙂

JANUARY 2nd, 2012-  My Backyard By The Lake…   We have been very blessed to be able to live in this beautiful log cabin on Lake Caroline, and because it’s quiet and away from the city lights, we are also very blessed to have beautiful night skies to see clearly at night!  It’s very relaxing, quiet, and peaceful here.  We’re happy to be here for as long as God would have us.  🙂


FEBRUARY 1st, 2012-  Our little family (John, baby John, and Sara) got all dressed in purple for a special day in honor of her friend Samantha, and all the others who suffer from a rare disease called SMA Syndrome.  See this video of her experience for more info:  among others.  She is a very special woman, and has been an inspiration to me all these years I’ve known her!  She is a prime example of God showing His strength through someone., because anyone going through that just would NOT have the strength and encouragement to handle it!  I cherish my friendship with her, and so decided to dress in purple on that special day, just for her.  🙂


MARCH 5th, 2012-  We were graced by a beautiful blanket of fluffy white stuff, which only lasted for one or two days, but it was beautiful while it lasted.  🙂  It was just beautiful to relax, watch the flakes fall down, and enjoy it!  We just get caught up in our work, life, etc…that we forget to stop and enjoy the little things God gives us.  Yes, even snow.  😉

Our special little kitty “Peanut” was one of the few to venture out first into the white wonder world!  (Peanut is a rare cat, with a curly tail…and a funky personality to match!)  Her curly tail was a birth-defect, which also effected her ability to jump…so she’s our climber cat.  Her hips aren’t very good, so she’s part monkey.  She is a treasure, and a pleasure to have as our pet.   (She’s especially Mommy’s favorite “Smooshie-cat”)   One other adventure we had with her right as we were moving, was a tree-climb incodent.  You can see the pic here.


APRIL 2nd, 2012-  It’s funny how life changes so quickly from just a moment on the road.   Not all moments are wonderful.  This is a sober one.

We are extremely grateful for God’s protection over him!  He could have died, but all he walked away with was a totaled car, fractured nose (which led to many E.R. visits and 1/3 of his blood lost) and several bruises.  That’s it!  I’m soooo happy he didn’t hit one of those cows!  He probably wouldn’t be with me right now if he had.  :/

My husband was coming home from getting my medicine, at night….on the country road.  All the sudden, there were several black cows in front of him at the top of the hill…he swurved to avoid several of them, and lost control the 3rd and 4th turns, and hit a tree.  Totalled our poor baby Civic, but it could have been worse!

This is a reminder to us to never get so full of pride to think we’re invincible.  To keep us humble and remember that God can take us from this world at any moment, if it’s His will. I’m just very glad He didn’t take my love from me this time.  <3

MAY 12, 2012-  We did a graduation shoot in DC at Jefferson Memorial, and saw a group of goose families.  This little guy could care less if we were close to him or not!  It was great.  I always loved how soft and fuzzy the “feathers” on the goslings were!  It’s so neat to see it up close and personal.  🙂










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