Snow Princess! | Snow Concept Fashion Model Shoot | Slaughter Pen Farm, Fredericksburg Virginia

Oh my!  I had such an amazing time with Tracey & Justin tonight! (Justin was such a great behind-the-scenes assistant/moral support)  We just got a major snow storm a few days ago, and we just got shoveled out…so I bugged her to do a shoot in the snow with me, since I’ve been itching to do one!  🙂  I’ve been thinking about doing a princess feel, with the whole “flowy-dress” and all…but she mentioned she’d been wanting to do a Native American princess feel too, so we combined them both into one.  I also had been wanting to test out an idea I had to color the off-camera lighting, instead of using “gels”…I just used a Ziploc bag (the only thing I had on hand at the time) and colored one red….and one purple…with sharpies.  -Don’t judge  🙂  I couldn’t have been happier with the results!  It just made it more fun, and brought a different feel to make the pictures more dynamic!  🙂  Let’s just say, I’ll be wanting to use colored lighting effects for a lot more shoots and weddings coming up!  I love the fantasy feel it added to our photo shoot!  It made it look more fairy-tail and dramatic, which is exactly the feel we were going for!

Tracey had experience with professional modeling, but she hadn’t done it in a long time, and thought she would be really rusty at it.  I think she totally rocked it!  I’m so very glad I thought to beg her to come brave the snow tonight!  It was totally worth it!

To top it off, and make it even more of a memorable event, Sara got stuck in the snow going up the hill to the parking at Slaughter Pen Farm!  (Yes, I talk about myself in the third person sometimes, especially when I’m embarrassed)  haha!  We were able to put sticks under the wheels and get un-stuck, but my poor civic couldn’t grip the ice.  ugh*  –I have to admit though, I did feel quite smart to put some little sticks under the front tires, so they could aid in traction.  🙂






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