Happy Rose Li & Associates 10 Year Anniversary Holiday Celebration! | Event Photography in Bethesda, Maryland | Roneyfield Photography


Had a wonderful time at the Rose Li And Associates Inc. 10 Year Anniversary today!  We even celebrated Chinese New Year style, too!  😉   I mean, talk about amazing!  If you didn’t like seafood before, you most definitely would love seafood tonight!

Rose’s mother in law was there all the way from California, and cooking up a storm since the morning!  (I was told she had owned 2 restaurants before, and even told her she should think about catering or something, because her food was so amazingly wonderful!  It’s the kind of food you just don’t want to stop eating, although you have run out of space in your stomach.. lol )

Rose  Li is actually running for Maryland Delegate, too!  It’s an honor to know her, and I am also very proud to say that I took her family’s photograph that’s on her flyer for delegate!  That just tickled me happy when I saw it!  🙂  She’s got my vote 100%!  Such a neat lady, mom, and business owner!  Vote for her here:





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