Newborn Session With Beautiful Cecily ♥ | Fredericksburg Newborn Photographer

I had such a wonderful time with little Cecily, my friend (and neighbor) Stacy, and her 3 other little cuties today!  We were able to get some precious photos of all the kids together with their young sister…which is something irreplaceable!  And little Cecily was an angel for posing!  I’m so happy with the pictures we got, I’m squealing as I type!  😀  I love my job so much!



Here is a sneak-peak at some of the behind the scenes.  🙂  We did it in our house with the setup…this is the most ideal for us, since we have tons of props, and it’s a lot easier for the client to come to us, instead of me bringing it all to them.  But we always give the client the option.  🙂  It’s whatever is best for them.






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