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I am in love with doing newborn photography sessions!  (despite the “hiccups” and challenges they offer)  There’s always going to be some kind of new challenge that we’ll have to face and/or overcome.  Like today:  3 day old Ashleigh’s shoot!  She was so beautiful, too!  We got some special photos taken with her older sister Emma, and then got her ready for doing her naked-baby photos.  🙂  The first pose we tried was her being suspended in a cheesecloth held by dad’s hands…which she didn’t like very much….so we tried something different….After about 2 hours of trying to get her settled, snacks, 2 poops through props, and a pee, we finally were able to get her to actually sleep, and got some gorgeous shots of her in a nest basket.  (I had tons of fun staying up last night making the “nest stuffing” for this, too!  I think it makes it more special when I make my own props)

I think we finally realized towards the end was that her skin was super sensitive…so the hanging idea was bad, since it irritated her skin.  (she was 10 days late, and had raw skin)  and so every time we’d go to move or change her in any way, she’d startle and get upset.  🙁  Poor baby, I can’t blame her!  There was a lot that went on today!  She just came home from the hospital yesterday!



Moral of the story:  It’s ok!  Every baby is different, and has different needs, and we have to adapt to what best fits that baby…and some times that takes some experimenting and trying things to figure it out.  😉

  • Patience!  (It teaches a LOT of patience to work with babies…and wait for them to fall back asleep, hold them in position, get pooped and peed on, etc.)  And it’s an every day challenge!

  • Contentedness!  (I will always have a vision in my head of what I WANT to do with that baby…but that doesn’t necessarily mean that baby has the same idea!  And I have to be ok with that.)

NewbornAshleigh_SpecialEdit2      NewbornAshleigh_NESTbabysleeep



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