Marcus & Autumn’s Fall ♥ Engagement! | Veteran’s Memorial Park, Woodbridge Virginia

These two are so sweet!  I had talked with Autumn on Facebook for months before she finally was able to get Marcus to agree to take engagement photos with her.  🙂  And I’m so glad he did!  He was camera-shy, but we all had a wonderful time, and the pictures (I think) came out amazing!  It’s ok if people are not into taking photos, so I try not to pose them too much especially if they’re not comfortable.  It was wonderful seeing him open up and relax by the end of the session!  🙂

They are so adorable together too!  I love the little sweet moments in between, the looks, the giggles, and the sasses.  😛   (I’m a sassy person myself, so I appreciate this a lot…hehe)  You could just tell by watching them together that he will take good care of her.  😀  And I’ve made a new friend, too!






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