Jason + Virginia’s Intimate Wintery Matrimony | Olde Town Hall, Fairfax Virginia

Jason & Virginia’s wedding was just so wonderful!  I remember how bloody cold it was outside, and we had this amazing intimate little ceremony
for the two of them inside the Olde Town Hall in Fairfax Virginia.  Man, this venue is such a great location and a neat backdrop to have your elopement or small intimate wedding!
It has to be one of my favorite spots in Fairfax to shoot!

This pretty lady has such a big heart, and has gone through so much!  It’s a real inspiration for me to be able to hear people’s stories and history!
This couple is so strong, and their hearts are so big!  Anyone who meets them can’t help but just adore them!
What a special privilege for me as the Photographer to be able to spend one of the happiest moments of their lives with them.  ♥

Then there’s that window!  Man, I have to say, that window is my favorite part of the whole place!  Such a gorgeous window,
especially when you’re there at just the right time of day when the sunshine rays are just pouring in!  🙂

After we finished up at the Olde Town Hall, we took a special Limo ride over to Burke Lake Park, and even though it was not only freezing cold, but super windy, too!
I was amazed and super happy that Virginia chose to tough it out and do a few good shots even in the cold!  She gets the thumbs up for a superb job from me!

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