Janie & Jack Model Mini-Sessions! Day 1 | Portrait Photography, Fairfax Virginia | Roneyfield Photography

I am honored this week to work with Precious Time Photography at the Janie & Jack boutique clothing stores!  She had contacted me to take part of this week-long event, so this is our first time doing this, and I’m excited!  We even have a whole studio-setup in the store, topped off with off-camera lighting and props, too!  I’m excited to see how we do, and meet all these cute kiddos!  Precious Time Photography does this event 2 times a year, and we have the privilege of working at two locations:  Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax Virginia, and Wesftfields Montgomery in Bethesda Maryland.  Today was Day 1 at Fairfax.

Janie&JackStores_SETUP         Janie&Jack_SETUP1

OK–So we had a not-so-great start to our week of shoots, but still were optimistic.  🙂  We originally had 100+ sessions scheduled for today, but because the last snow storm to hit just HAPPENED to hit last night…guess what didn’t happen.  :/  Needless to say, we were disappointed…but we got some great family time together, and DID actually have 2 people do their shoots!  🙂  (we just rescheduled everyone else for another day!)  So it was all-in-all a good start to the week…a slow start.  And since it was my first time doing this, it makes it a bit easier for me tomorrow!  So here are some of the favorite  shots from today!  🙂



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