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Yesterday, I did a special “Bridal Boudoir” session for a girl that’s getting married soon, and she wanted to do some special classy but sexy pictures as a gift for her husband for their wedding.  ♥  How sweet is that?!

This is one option for beautiful pictures.  We offer all kinds of boudoir packages for women…
we have mini-session parties for bridal showers, one-two hour sessions, outdoor boudoir sessions, etc.

You don’t even have to have someone to do them for!  (if you’re single, and want to feel beautiful, have fun, or even motivate yourself, then these are a good option too!)

As you can see by the picture on the right, we brought the “Studio” to her…We like having the mobile studio option, because it helps the client feel more comfortable for the shoot…because it’s in THEIR home.  The woman from yesterday was quite surprised how gorgeous the pictures came out, because in her mind her home wasn’t “pretty enough”.  We had a lot of fun jumping back and forth between the studio backdrop and other spots.

The studio setup is actually quite easy to set up and break down, so it’s quite convenient for both the client and for us.  🙂
It gave us more options for picture ideas and setup, so we were able to get some really great shots!

Please feel free to call us any time to set up your own special photo shoot, or with any questions you may have!





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