How To Have The Skyline Present At Your Wedding: The Spirit Of Washington

Are you looking for something a bit different for your wedding? Are you a risk-taker, a surprising and lively character? Do none of your guests have a fear of water or a propensity for seasickness? Do you have family in the navy or a close relative who loves boats? If you fit the bill, then should consider the Spirit of Washington, DC (6th and Water Streets WASHINGTON, DC 20024).

This ‘venue’ has many interesting, alluring and winning aspects which could make your special day enjoyable for all. First of all, let’s talk about the views. Picture it: you and your fiance are at the alter. Meanwhile, the magnificence of America’s capital is slowly passing by, with beautiful and constantly changing architecture to entertain your guests throughout the day and evening.

This river was of great significance to Washington and you can have that wealth of proud history surrounding you on your wedding day. We need not even mention how brilliant your wedding photographs will be with the constant changing face of Washington in the distance. If you plan your wedding, then you and your friends and family can have their photos taken in front of their favorite Washington venues.

The Spirit of Washington also has the option for both an outdoor and an inside wedding so that you can get the perfect location for the most important moment of the day: the vows.

In addition, the staff of the Spirit of Washington are well-versed in throwing a fantastic wedding. If you want to have a large wedding, well the Spirit of Washington can accommodate that as they house up to four hundred guests with the option of more if you require. They also have strong links with many caterers: in particular I would recommend the buffet. This way, your guests will have an excellent selection of food which they can choose for themselves what they would like. With DJs, plenty of space to view Washington, this venue will encourage your friends and family – the most important people in your lives – to mingle, chat, meet and just have a good time together.

As they are experienced in throwing weddings, the Spirit of Washington have many great features. First of all, you will be able to have a wedding planner, who will help you to plan your special day. As they are experienced they will be able to help you tailor your wedding so that it runs smooth, flawless and a great experience for all of those involved.

So, if you love waterfront views of Washington’s greatest sights and want a wedding that family and friends will continue to discuss for years to come, the Spirit of Washington is the venue for you.

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