How to Get the Best Newborn Photos in Vienna, VA

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Congratulations on the birth of your child! It is an exciting and special time: one that is filled with joy, love and bonding. And these are exactly the kind of feelings you want to be able to show in your newborn photography. Of course, you want to get the most of your newborn photographs and as such, we have created a how-to guide for you below!

1. The Photographer

How to choose a photographer who is going to get shots out of your newborn baby and, possibly, you? First of all, when you find a photographer (either from a friend, online or indeed in a phone book), check out their website. It is the twenty first century and every professional photographer will have a website with a portfolio exhibiting their work. You should ask yourself: is this photographer experienced with newborns? Do I like the style, colours and shot of the pictures which he/she does? Then, have a look at their price. Obviously you do not want to be paying way over the odds, however you should also be careful about choosing the cheapest photographer you can find. Why are they so cheap? Are they not experienced? Are they not professional? If they have belief in their work, this will be shown in their prices, so be careful of this.

2. The Photo shoot

So, you have chosen your photographer and you have organised a date, but what can you do before they arrive? You should think about what you want in your photos. Ideally, before the birth look at examples of photography online and look at the props: what do you like, what don’t you like? If possible, go out and find props such as bowls, baskets, fabrics and hats which you particularly like. This will help you to create the best photographs and will also help your photographer create the best photographs to suit you.

On the day of the photo shoot remember, your photographer is highly experienced and patient. If you need to feed or change your child, don’t worry. The photographer will be understanding of this and will give you the privacy you need, when you need it.

Ideally try to have your new born photos taken up to ten days after the birth: this is the optimum time and when your child will look their be


3. Afterwards

After you have had your photo shoot, pick your photos out as soon as you can. this will you will have them in your hand much quicker and you will be able to do something with them! Think about creating photo albums as well as framing them. Some photographers can make the pictures very small so that you can put them into key rings.

Are You Looking For A Great Newborn Photographer Here in Vienna?

My name is Sara Roney and I am a professional full-time photographer.  It would be my honor to help you with your newborn and family photos.  I’d love to chat with you if you are in need of a good and friendly photographer.  Here at Roneyfield Photography we like to keep things very simple.  I also specialize in a mobile studio so I will come to you with all the props and backdrops for your newborn photo session.  It is very convenient for you as a new mother this way.

We have simple hourly rates as well as fast turnaround time on photo delivery (always less than two week turnaround on all events/shoots).  We never charge for any rights to the photos and we also never watermark the photos we send you!  =)  Photography is my passion and I consider it a pleasure to serve.  My calendar fills up pretty fast so please shoot me a message sooner rather than later to reserve your dates.  Feel free to call or text me at (703) 431-3765 or use our contact page here for more details.

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