Haneen’s Maternity Portraits | Sterling Virginia Maternity Portraits

There is something truly magical about the glow of a mother….of the expecting, the waiting, the anticipation…

Let me just saw how amazingly wonderful this session was with Haneen and her husband!
First off, Haneen’s absolutely gorgeous, and her husband was a perfect gentleman….
with an extra dose of awesomeness and sass! We had so much fun playing with them both,
the wind, the water, the flowy dresses, etc!  We had a blast wandering around
Algonkian Park for their photos, and the weather and scenery did not dissappoint! 
I can’t wait to meet baby!  


Ok, so we had a little too much fun!  lol  It just goes to show you…that men can have fun at maternity sessions, too!  🙂

…and of course we had to get some selfies in there.  He was having fun taking photos too, so I thought I’d capture that perspective.  ♥






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